Location:  McCoy Pig Farm Campground, McCarr Ky, Two Miles from Matewan WV

All Riding is at your own risk!

Riding Rules Disclaimer:  I as an  organizer, provide only information regarding this adventure. I Donald McCoy or Kathy McCoy or The Real McCoy Trails or Hatfield McCoy Resort are not responsible for anything that happens to you, or your personal items at the event or while traveling to or from the  Adventure. In case of an accident, damages or loss, you and the involved persons are fully responsible to each other for any and all loss or damages. You join all events voluntary and at your own risk. There are no official rides for this Adventure weekend, There are individuals who go on rides and welcome you to ride along or you can grab a copy of the roads they will be riding on so you want get lost and go on your own. No part of your attendance fee has anything to do with any rides. All people riding and attending are responsible for their own actions.  You accept all the Terms and Conditions and Riding Rules Disclaimer about the Stolen Pig Rally  and the  ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT provided  on this website "Please  Read "   by registering/ and or  attending the Stolen Pig Rally 21.

Visit the Real McCoy Trails Facebook Page to see  video's and pictures of the previous SPR Rally's. You also can find video's of The Real McCoy Trails on You Tube.

​​​​​​​​​The Stolen Pig Rally  is  for Street Legal Dual Sport Adventure Bikes Only!!!  All people registering and operating their Street Legal Dual Sport Motorcycle must hold a Valid Motorcycle License. Those registering and riding double not holding a valid license must be 18 years of age or older to register for the rally. One reason we ask this because all routes leading to The Real McCoy Trails rather it be street riding or backwoods single lanes will be accessed from the state highway. 
The SPR21  will be held at  The McCoy Pig Farm Simi-Primitive Campground April 22nd - 25th  Rain or Shine.  Located in McCarr  Ky  2 miles from Matewan WV. Hosted by: Donald and Kathy McCoy D/B/A The Real McCoy Trails / a division of Hatfield McCoy Enterprises.
The SPR21 will be  a  bit  different this year offering  less structure which means more ADVENTUROUS!
For all size Street Legal Dual Sport Adventure Bikes, there are endless miles of riding. For street riding there's not a single quarter mile section of straight road in the region and plenty to see and do.  Routes  are Available from 60 -150  miles  including The Feud Loop for History Buffs. There will be  rides  available that include some awesome Backwoods Single Lane  Twisty B -Top as well as some Dirt/Gravel Roads and all located within 10 - 25 miles of  Base Camp at McCarr Ky. 

Best of all there's BACON!  Complimentary Lunch both Friday and Saturday includes Roasted Bacon over a camp fire  ALL YOU CAN EAT / Help Yourself  "Roasting  Sticks  Provided".   To top off the event  Saturday Late Night  there will be Complimentary BACON GALORE.  ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!  "Help Yourself".  That is if the Hatfield's don't steal the Bacon! LOL ​

The Real McCoy Trails  Consist of more than 1,000 LEGAL improved  and not so improved county and state routes within a radius of only 35 miles of  Base Camp "as the crow would fly"  Trails and routes are located within the WV, KY and VA borders at and within the heart of the Feud District.  Imagine riding and exploring within the 2nd lowest valley within the Appalachian Mountains and within the borders of 3 states loaded with awesome mountains, valleys and streams. The views are spectacular.
​A large portion of the Routes  Twisties are single lane  B-Top "NO CENTER STRIP" are hidden deep in the local backwoods that used to be dirt roads.  I often say our goat trails have been B-Topped for Adventure Motorcycle Riders because they are not used much by locals.​ Some of the roads are  dirt/gravel mixture surface.  Upon riding them time and time again I have become a proud tax payer knowing that my taxes go to providing such roads. I choose to call them The Real McCoy Trails because they are  the routes I enjoy riding.  I have spent countless hours for several years compiling  such routes into trail loops. I do not own the routes. They are  public county and state owned and maintained routes and there is no charge in riding them.  However, Ride safe and within the speed limits.

​I have gotten several compliments of The Real McCoy Trails such as:  They are much better and more tighter  and twistier  than The Dragon and that there are no bad nor straight roads within Hatfield McCoy Country.

​​​Other Trails: Hatfield and McCoy Trails NOTES: "Permits to ride this trail can be purchased prior to the event. See our registration page. This is not the Real McCoy Trails offered in your registration.
Due to Covid-19 the trails authority are not sponsoring our rally with complimentary  discounted permits this year.  "For  Advanced Hardcore Off Road  Riders check out " The Hatfield McCoy Trail Authority of WV / trailsheaven.com  For difficulty ratings visit www.trailsheaven.com. The closest of such trails to SPR21 Base Camp is The Buffalo Mountain  / Devil Anse Trail Head located in  downtown Matewan WV which connects to the Rock House Trail and several small towns.  The cost of permits are $50.00 for out of state and $26.50 for in state and Military ID.