About Us

    My name is Don McCoy. My wife Kathy and I are direct decendants of the Hatfields and the McCoys.  We ride a dual sport f650gs BMW Dakar, I use to ride a Yamaha 1981 yz 125, Can-Am enduro 175, Yamaha enduro 250 and moto crossed a bit. We're located in Downtown "Historical" Matewan WV. Stompin Grounds of the Hatfields and McCoys and Home to the Matewan Massacre. We own and operate a family business we call Hatfield McCoy Inn/Resort here in Downtown Matewan. www.hatfieldmccoyinn.com  It is located app. 15 feet from the Hatfield and McCoy Trails BUFFALO Trail Head and a primitive campground and trails head parking lot. We have a restaurant inside the Inn called Wingos Grill. We specialize in BBQ, Wings & Ribs. We also have a pit stop garage/shop that we let trail riders use tools from at no cost and often help with repairs as needed. The shop is also within 15 feet from the Buffalo Trail Head parking lot located on McCoy Alley.

I am excited to see that more and more dual sport and sport touring riders have become interested in Hatfield McCoy Country and wanted to introduce the trails we are creating for ease of usage by mapping for GPS loading for dual sport touring riders. I have been putting together several dual sport backwoods trails with support from tourism which consist of a minimum of 1000 good miles of trails which can all be easy accessed from Matewan.  From Matewan the farthest distance will only be app. 40 miles from Matewan as the crow would fly. 75% of the trails are basic single lane tar goat type roads and app. 25% are dirt/gravel roads and are all legal roads that need no permitts other than a drivers license and of course an enduro/dual sport motorcycle. The larger portion of the roads are less travelled roads and are not the coal trucking routes although you may pass a few coal trucks on the primary roads getting to and from some routes.
My wife and I road on a Sunday in one direction for app 40 miles 2.5 hours and may have seen 10-12 automobiles. It was late when we left Matewan so we took the primary and interstate roads back home. The ride we were on consist of app. a 240 mile loop which covers parts of Wv., Ky., and Va. Including several Hatfield McCoy sites of interest and much more historical sites and again only being app. 35 - 40 miles from Matewan Wv. App. 60% of the 240 mile loop roads are very narrow, twisty and several up and down grades including the tallest mountains and the lowest valleys with beautiful views including creeks, rivers and railways and more. We also have partially mapped a 380 mile loop. A 160 and a few 75-125 mile loops are map ready and almost ready for gps loading capability. 

For Extreme Thrill Seeker Dual Sport Riders interested in 100% dirt, rocks, mountain climbs and mud if you please. We are located within 15 feet of The Buffalo Trail Head of The Hatfield McCoy Trails Heaven which can also be incorportaed with the Real McCoy Trails for some awesome Dual sport riding from town to town and state to state. The Hatfield McCoy Trails require a yearly pass which you can purchase from us or several other vendors.

I am working on my web page and will post scheduled rides, pictures, maps and ect....    if you have any question please call or email.