1st Annual

Trick or Treat Enduro ADV Rally 

                              October 25-28, 2018

                   Meetup for a bunch of old kids to have a little fun!                   

 We know this is short notice but hey it's better than waiting till next year!

The Rally is for Street Legal and Non Street Legal Enduro Bikes.  The Rally will Be held at The McCoy Pig Farm Simi Primitive Campground. Located in McCarr Ky. Two miles from Matewan WV. Oct 25-28, 2018.  Hosted by: Donald and Kathy McCoy.

The rally is based on Intermediate, Medium and Advanced Skill Level.  Endless miles of Dirt, Rocks, Mountain Climbs and Mud if you please. Discover for yourself the Bluegrass of Kentucky, Why West Virginia is Wild and Wonderful, Virginia is for Lovers and why the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s Feuded over this land!

There will be two days of riding. Self guided map sheets will be provided. There will be individuals riding daily that are familiar with the local trails who welcomes you to ride along. Donald will be riding his BMW F650 GS Dakar and his Street Legal 200 KTM EXC. Paul will be riding his Husqvarna TE250 on advanced single track trails. ​Joe will be riding his KTM XCW300 on advanced single track trails.

For all size Dual Sport adventure bikes, there are endless miles of riding. For street riding there's not a single quarter mile section of straight road in the region and plenty to see and do. Routes  are Available from 60 -150  miles including The Feud Loop for History Buffs. There will be  rides  available that include some awesome Backwoods Single Lane Twisty B -Top as well as some Dirt/Gravel Roads and all located within 10 - 25 miles of  Base Camp at McCarr Ky. 

A T-Shirt will be provided for riders who register by Oct. 15.
Breakfast Burritos  and coffee will be provided Friday and Saturday morning at The McCoy Pig Farm Campground only.
Lunch will not be served. There are a few local restaurants. There's Three grills at camp if you want to bring and prepare your own lunch.
Dinner will be served Thursday (Pot Vegetable Beef Soup cooked onsite and Sandwiches), Friday (Burgers and Sides)  Saturday night ("PIG OUT" BBQ DINNER). At the campground.

Saturday Late Night Campfire Bacon Roast and Beef Dogs. All you can eat!  At The McCoy Pig Farm Campground.   Thursday Register and Meet and Greet

Friday and Saturday RIDE RIDE RIDE 

Bon Fire each night
Sunday Farewell Adios Good By See Ya  April 2019 Stolen Pig Rally

The Real McCoy Trails  Consist of more than 1,000 LEGAL improved  and not so improved county and state routes within a radius of only 35 miles of  Base Camp "as the crow would fly"  Trails and routes are located within the WV, KY and VA borders at and within the heart of the Feud District.  Imagine riding and exploring within the 2nd lowest valley within the Appalachian Mountains and within the borders of 3 states loaded with awesome mountains, valleys and streams. The views are spectacular. 

A large portion of the Routes  Twisties are single lane  B-Top "NO CENTER STRIP" are hidden deep in the local backwoods that used to be dirt roads.  I often say our goat trails have been B-Topped for Adventure Motorcycle Riders because they are not used much by locals.​ Some of the roads are  dirt/gravel mixture surface.  Upon riding them time and time again I have become a proud tax payer knowing that my taxes go to providing such roads. I choose to call them The Real McCoy Trails because they are  the routes I enjoy riding.  I have spent countless hours for several years compiling  such routes into trail loops. I do not own the routes. They are  public county and state owned and maintained routes and there is no charge in riding them.  However, Ride safe and within the speed limits. 

​I have gotten several compliments of The Real McCoy Trails such as:  They are much better and more tighter  and twistier  than The Dragon and that there are no bad nor straight roads within Hatfield McCoy Country.

Other Trails:  "For Advanced Hardcore Off Road Riders" The Hatfield McCoy Trail Authority of WV/ trailsheaven.com  by request are providing a complimentary 3-Day Permit During TTR18 for Registered Riders who sign up and register by Oct 15th."The permits will not be complimentary after this date and will have to be purchased at full cost to ride the trails."  For difficulty ratings visit www.trailsheaven.com. The closest of such trails to TTR18 Base Camp is The Buffalo Mountain / Devil Anse Trail Head located in downtown Matewan WV which connects to the Rock House Trail and several small towns. Total trail miles of the two = App 300. The normal cost of such permits are $50.00 for out of state riders.  If you are staying at Camp Base and have a Non-Street Legal bike you will have to trailer your bike to the riding destination.  It is Illegal to ride a non licensed bike in Kentucky.

About the Camp Ground:
ent Camping Spaces. First come first serve.  Pick a spot.
​Several Hammock Sites to attach to trees. Pick your trees. 
(Your Vehicles do not stay inside the gate).       
 If you are planning to stay in anything other than a tent or hammock please call before registering to make sure accommodations  are available. 

Showers and Toilets are located at the pavilion.  

NO SLEEPING ALLOWED IN TRUCKS AND or TRAILERS  UNLESS YOU HAVE PURCHASED AND RESERVED AN RV  CAMPSITE.  NO Mini RV's, Mini Buses, Vans, Pull Trailers, Pop Ups and Toy Hauler Sites ALLOWED ON CAMPGROUND UNLESS YOU HAVE PURCHASED A RV SITE. These sites  share 120 volt power/extension cord hook up. Bring a cord if you can. (These sites are Additional Cost)

If  you are pulling a trailer with a truck you must park it off site unless you have purchased and reserved an RV spot to park it in at the Campsite!!!  Parking for such trucks and trailers or just  trucks are available at Campsite Entrance / Exit for 10-12 Trucks and Trailers on 1st come 1st serve!!!  Additional such parking is available approximate 1 mile from camp. It is highly suggested that your truck be 4x4 if there is rain in the forecast due to campsites being grass and not level in some areas. 

Other Accommodations Available (Not Included In Registration Package):
If you prefer a lodging facility or larger RV site in Matewan 2 miles from camp contact Kathy and Donald at kt3mcc@aol.com or call 606-525-9033 for assistance. Check us out at www.hatfieldmccoyresort.com.  Wingo's  Grill located  at The Hatfield McCoy Resort will be open daily. There are other Lodging facilities within the City of Matewan 2 miles from camp.  I can help you book a place if you don't want to tent camp or RV Camp  at The McCoy Pig Farm Campground. 606-525-9033 Note: There are no tent sites in Matewan this year. The lot is reserved for Matewan parking.  The charge for RV camping in Matewan is $75.  You have to call me prior to registering to make sure there is a spot available if you are depending on RV camping in Matewan.  (2 miles from camp) Spots are limited. You still need to register to attend the rally. 
Insurance Requirements 

OTHER / Ect: 

The campground will not be open until Thursday 9:OO AM.

(NO EARLY ARRIVALS PLEASE. THE CAMP GROUND WILL NOT BE OPEN) Sorry there are no refunds for registration. You can sell your spot.  Email me at TTRALLY2018@aol.com  with the changes.