​​The Rally is an outdoor all weather event. It will go on rain or shine. Plan your trip accordingly. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2019. The  Annual Stolen Pig Rally 2019  Will be held at                                   

  The " NEW"  McCoy Pig  Farm Camp Ground.  


* The $98.00 Registration will include: 

* Tent Camping and Hammock Camping.

* Thursday evening Dinner. 

* Friday Breakfast, Friday Complimentary Lunch  "All the BACON  and Hot Dogs you can eat ".

* Friday  Night Dinner.

* Saturday Breakfast,  Saturday Complimentary Lunch  "All the BACON  and Hot Dogs you can eat" . 

   Saturday  evening "PIG OUT" BBQ DINNER . 

* Saturday  Late Night  Campfire BACON ROAST.  ALL YOU CAN EAT !!!!!  And Local  Entertainment.

​* All meals listed will be provided at The McCoy Pig Farm Camp Ground.

​* The Real McCoy Trails:  Self guided Map Sheets are provided.  Group Rides organized on site /  Individuals  riding

   daily who welcomes you  to  ride along.  More than 1,000 miles of trails that include some awesome Backwoods 

   Single Lane  Twisty B Top as well as  some Dirt/Gravel  Roads  located within 10 / 25 miles of Base Camp.  


* Showers - Toilets - Port-a-Potties

* Bon Fire each night 

​* Your Official  SPR19   T-Shirt. 

* Three day Trail permit to ride The Hatfield McCoy Trails.

​* A chance to win Free Giveaways!

About the Camp Ground:
Tent Camping Spaces.  First come first serve / Pick a spot.

​Several Hammock Sites To attach to trees. Pick your trees.

2 Indoor Baths   with showers and Port a Johns on site. Additional baths and showers in Matewan at The Hatfield McCoy Trail Head.

​The McCoy Pig Farm Campground is a semi primitive campground.  Riders preferring motel or cabin lodging or needing larger RV Space can reserve such Accommodations in Downtown Matewan. 

If  you are pulling a trailer with a truck you must park it off site unless you have purchased and reserved an RV Campsite!!!  Parking for such trucks and trailers or just  trucks are available at Campsite Entrance / Exit for 10-12 Trucks and Trailers on 1st come 1st serve!!!  Additional such parking is available approximate 1 mile from camp.  NO SLEEPING ALLOWED IN TRUCKS AND or TRAILERS  UNLESS YOU HAVE PURCHASED AND RESERVED AN RV  CAMPSITE. NO TRUCKS OR TRAILERS ALLOWED ON CAMPGROUND UNLESS YOUN HAVE PURCHASED A RV SITE.

Other Accommodations:

​​ If you prefer a lodging facility or larger  RV  site in Matewan 2 miles from camp contact Kathy and Donald at or call 606-525-9033 or 304-426-4700 for assistance.  Check us out at  Wingo's  Grill located  at The Hatfield McCoy Resort will be open daily. There are other Lodging facilities within the City of Matewan 2 miles from camp.   Note: There are no tent sites in Matewan this year.   The lot is reserved for  Matewan parking.  The charge for RV camping in Matewan is $75.  You have to call me prior to registering to make sure there is a spot available  if you are depending on  RV camping in Matewan.  (2 miles from camp) Spots are limited. You still need to register to attend the rally.

OTHER / Ect:     A $10.00 late fee will  apply for late registrations  after  Feb 1, 2019.  Late registration does not include a T-Shirt.   No early arrivals Please.  The campground will not be open until Thursday 9am.  Sorry there are no refunds for registration. You can sell your spot .  Email me @  with the changes. 

​​​​​​All sales are final no refunds. You can sell your registration to  someone else if you wish.


​             The Stolen Pig Rally 2019
                  Official Registered/In List

1. The Real McCoy

2. Paul M
3. Joe B
4. Les P
5. Dean S
6. Lee H
8. Steven F
9. Kim H
10. Sallydog
11. ADVMoto Magazine
12. AdamsTipsy
13. Printman
14. Migts
15. Patrick C.
16. Hans K.
17. Charles D.
18. Jim A.
19. Jerry H.
20. Mike R.
21. Curt C.
22. Kevin S.
23. Jonathan H.
24. James M.
25. John B.
26. Mike K.
27. Nickolas G.
28. Carl R.
29. Tony E.
30. Charles D.
31. Adam W.
32. Kris C.
33. Peter B.
34. John B.
35. Daniel K.
36. Michael L.
37. James B.
38. Julia A.
39. Brian T.
40. Robert D.
41. Kenneth S.
42. Mike S.
43. Jeff H.
44. Craig R.
45. John R.
46. Isabel B.
47. Bradley S.
48. Zhaozhi G.
49. Michael E.
50. Eric Vandyke
51. Shannon A.
52. Paul O.
53. Craig G.
54. Greg M.
55. Vernom G.
56. Tony T.


See the Registered / In list below