MOTO Campground

A Simi Primitive  Campground

McCoy Pig Farm

The MOTO Campground is located on the boarder line of KY and WV,  in McCarr Ky.  Surrounded by 1000's of miles of trails and country roads.                                                                                     Home of The Stolen Pig Rally"!

We can accommodate camping for individuals and large groups seeking a place to stay while riding the Real McCoy Trails, KAT, Hatfield McCoy Trails, and during Special Events.  We offer Guided Adventure Tours, provide information and local area maps, offer 50 acres of Mountain Hiking.  We specialize in lg group events. Offer catering at the pavilion, covered bon fire entertainment, group activities, and more.... Call ahead  to reserve a camping spot for your Weekend Get-Away or to plan a Group Event . 

                                                       GPS Coordinates    


 We are accepting reservations for 2019     

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                                           Donald or Kathy McCoy
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